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"30 Days of Daily Practice" - Habit Challenge
Create habits for health & success in less than 2 minutes!

Hello      -centered entrepreneurs!

YOU want to change the world with what you do best!

Nobody can do it like you! Your potential makes the world brighter!

Imagine having the
confidence to make decisions & the clarity to stay focused.
having the
energy & performance with the motivation from seeing results.

It's about learning, loving and keeping your momentum.
Learn something everyday, learn to love yourself, and love what you do.
Then, work with people you trust & connect with others to move you forward!

Hi! I'm Laura Lake

I'm here to playfully & lovingly kick your butt.

Too many entrepreneurs trade their health for wealth but together we're going to start creating YOUR foundation of wellness for higher performance and it all Starts With B!

As featured in

You want to build a business you love without sacrificing your health or personal life.
YOU are your greatest asset in your business.

Together, let's learn who you are, what you love, and how to best to keep your momentum.


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Laura Lake

As an ENFJ, Laura sees the potential in those around her and strives to help them grow. Whether it's designing healthy buildings or speaking to an audience on stage, Laura shows her passion, playfulness and authenticity.


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